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Matthew Makeever, Milwaukee Philharmonic conductor

Matthew Makeever

Founding Music Director & Conductor
Matthew Makeever is the Founding Music Director and Conductor of the Milwaukee Philharmonic, and is the Assistant Conductor of the Salt Lake Symphony. He is currently in his second year as a Doctor of Musical Arts candidate in Orchestral Conducting at the University of Utah. He serves as the Principal Conductor of the University of Utah Campus Symphony, and Assistant Conductor of the Utah Philharmonia.He has collaborated with musicians of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra, Utah Symphony, Austin Symphony Orchestra, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, The Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra, and the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra. Matthew was the 2nd place winner of the 2018-2019 American Prize in Conducting; Community Orchestra Division with the Milwaukee Philharmonic’s 2017 performance of Brahms’ Second Symphony.



Tatiana Pearson, Principal
Angela Krainz Bartosik, Associate Principal
Emily Judge
Jessica McGovern


Olivia Dobbs


Josh Guarisco, Principal
Kimberly Hawkinson, Associate Principal
Rita Mitchell


Sabrina Pedersen, Co-Principal
Ali Frana, Co-Principal
Amy Butler


Krystal Rutzen


Adam Theune, Principal
Rosalie Avery, Associate Principal

French Horn

Andrew Slembarski, Principal
Laura Clausing
Evan Chancellor
Adam Nelson
Michelle Pehler
Liz Ehlert



Steven Ehrhardt II, Principal
Krystal Esty
Adam Fisher


Emmy Rozanski, Principal
William Akers
Samantha Phipps

Bass Trombone

Dustin Zimmerman, Principal


Andy Hacker, Principal


Colin O’Day, Principal
Sam Pavel
Kayla Aftahi


Paul Sekulski, Concertmaster
Abigail Peterson, Associate Concertmaster
Erika Guenther
Anne Hafenstein
Tiffany Chang
Lynn Pietsch
Kristen Tan
Alex Fisher
Elizabeth Casciato
Zoe Phillips
Ian Burch
Tom Spitz
Andrea Buchta
Jared Judge
Kristian Brusubardis



Catherine Krause, Principal
Jared Judge
Denice Haney
Evan Lane
Carlos Orozco
Ed Coster


Britney Whiting, Principal
Yeng Thao, Associate Principal
Jackie Oakes
Emma Zei
Paul Gronquist
Monica SlivaViktor Brusubardis


Josh Kimball, Principal
Dean Sulok
Braden Sulok

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